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Posted on 12-23-2016

Holiday Gift Guide for your pet
By Dr. Rory Hekking

You’re all done with your shopping, the presents are wrapped under the tree, and you are sitting on the couch enjoying a relaxing fire burning in the fireplace. Suddenly you realize you forgot someone: your fur kids! While they may have no idea what Christmas is, they’ll still appreciate a stocking stuffer or two. Here is a guide to some great presents for your special four-legged friend.

A toy puzzle – Dogs and cats spend hours at home, often with no one to play with. Getting them a toy puzzle will keep them entertained day after day and help keep their minds stimulated and engaged. This can prevent behavior and anxiety issues, as well as give them a small and delicious snack throughout the day. You can find an example here, but there are hundreds out there so find the one that will work best for your pet. (We don’t have an affiliation with any company, so choose what suits your pet best!)

The Licki brush – Ever want to know what it’s like to be a true momma cat for your kitties at home? Now, you can get one step closer with the Licki Brush! It is exactly what it sounds like – a chance to groom your cat by licking them. While this gift may be a little tongue in cheek, go ahead and indulge yourself and your kitty this holiday by making them feel like they’re truly a part of the family.

A visit to your vet – Now this may not seem like a gift your pet is interested in getting, but it may be the best present you can give. Giving your pet the gift of health with regular check-ups (every 6 or 12 months) is just what they need to live long and happy lives. With these visits we are able to catch and treat diseases earlier, meaning both you and your loved ones get to enjoy life at its fullest.

Insurance – One of the downsides of veterinary medicine is that owners often have a point when they are unable to afford to treat their pet. Insurance can allow us to avoid that situation. In an emergency, our emotions are running high and we are often stressed. Taking the additional stress of finances out of the situation permits us to make the best decision for all involved. Insurance isn’t just for your pet, but is a gift of peace of mind to you as well.

Exercise Dogs love to burn some energy in the form of a good walk or jog. Taking your pet for a walk once to twice a day can be a great gift at the time of the walk as well as the gift of good health later on in life. The great news is, this gift doesn’t cost you a dime!

Your fur kids are part of the family, and can definitely celebrate the holidays with all of you. While Santa may not scoot down that chimney with a present, they’ve already got the best present they could ask for: your love!

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